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Sekusile is a Nguni word for ‘morning/time to rise’?

Sekusile Technical Services is registered as an independent; 100% black owned and managed business. We offer business support by providing training (hard and soft skills), staff placement (recruitment), life and business coaching and mentoring (personal and business) and motivational talks.

We add value to your company by partnering with you.  Tell us your problem and we will provide a solution for you.

Our company believes in excellence.  Whether it’s in asset management, training, recruitment, project management, mentoring and coaching, we believe in adding value to our clients.

In ensuring and maintaining quality, every organisation must attract the best people to work for it, and to develop those who are already in the system to realize their full potential. This will ensure that employees are well equipped and empowered to deal with any challenges they may face in the workplace, helping them add more value to the organization.

In offering these different services, we guarantee our client value for money and deliver within a short space of time with eminence.  We have formed partnership with people who share our vision, and are able to give us great capacity to deliver efficiently. Through this, we are able to make a difference to our clients and their employees.

We pride ourselves in providing a reliable and professional service to meet our client’s most stringent requirements. Our philosophy and practice is to ensure that we continually stay abreast of developments in all the fields that we specialize in, and continually research and attend seminars within our field to keep ahead.

Business Model

business model


To be the leading company providing business support in different arenas under one roof for our clients.


Our mission is to provide high quality professional services in recruitment, training, asset management, life and business coaching and mentoring, by exceeding Clients’ expectations. We want our clientele to regard us as the first point of contact when they want any of the services we offer.


  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Service excellence
  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Honesty

Registration number: 2008/205029/23   |   Income tax number: 9695366154   |   VAT number: 4700251566
BEE Level 3 Contributor   |   BEE Certificate no.  E12J01254

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