Neuro Motivational Speaker

Veli Ndaba – ‘The NeuroEngineer’ has the ability to make complex neuroscience concepts accessible and understandable to a general audience. He has a deep understanding of  leadership, neuroscience and engineering and has the ability to simplify and clarify complex ideas. This is what the ‘Veli Ndaba NeuroEngineering Leadership Effect’ is all about.  Applying neuroscience and engineering principles to leadership develeopment. 

Neuro Motivational Speaking

As a neuro motivational speaker, Veli Ndaba – ‘The NeuroEngineer’ uses his knowledge of neuroscience and engineering to inspire and motivate individuals to achieve their goals. By understanding how the brain works, he can provide insights and strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving success. With a focus on the human brain and using his high-performance leadership tool called ‘The Veli Ndaba NeuroEngineering Leadership Effect’, he can help leaders and their teams develop the mindset and habits necessary for success in all areas of life. If you’re looking for a way to take your life, and leadership to the next level, consider booking Veli Ndaba or contact him to learn more about The NeuroLeader`s Toolkit.

Neuro Motivational Speaking

Popular Keynotes Topics:

✔ VELI – Vision, Expand, Leverage of Relationships and Innovation. This keynote is about the importance of being aware of where you are going as well as the impact – positive or negative, your environment has on you.

✔ BSC – Believe (in self), Story (the power of your story), Coaching (To see further, one must stand on the shoulders of giants). This emphasizes the importance of how to change the interpretation of your story which helps you create a positive mindset and the crucial role coaches and mentors play in our lives.

✔ MSC – Mindset, Skillset, Channels. This one is about the importance of developing skills that will set you apart and identify appropriate channels or platforms.

✔#VNNLE – The Veli Ndaba Neuro-Engineering Effect. This is about helping leaders understand themselves better and in turn those they lead and ultimately unleash their brain power using neuroscientific tools. 

These keynotes can be customized to suit customer’s objectives or intended outcomes.