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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy – Our executive coaching philosophy stems from two main beliefs:

  • What we can achieve in life depends far more on nurture than on our genes.
  • It is possible for individuals to move beyond the boundaries of self-confinement by enhancing their self-awareness so that they change the way they respond to circumstances.

These beliefs have become the underlying principles that guide our philosophy of executive coaching. As a result, we take a “whole person” approach to executive coaching. By doing so, we are able to drive positive change at a personal level, but the impact of that change is also felt by the team and organization as a whole. Our interventions are designed in the context of business goals of your organization, aspirations of individual participants and constraints in the business environment. This helps the leaders to develop a wider perspective towards oneself and his/her team and deal with them effectively. It helps to bridge the gap between the executives and the employees.


NeuroEngineering Leadership Training


  •  Introduction to the #VNNLE- The Veli Ndaba NeuroEngineering Leadership Effect: “Applying neuroscience and engineering principles to leadership development”
  •  Phase I (Awareness)- Linking Leadership, Culture and the Brain: The Value of an Engineered Mind, How Neuroscience can make you a more impactful leader
  •  Phase II (Application)- Leadership in Action: Daily leadership strategies for team engagement – the Social Brain, Neuro-Leading- creating effective bonds and connections, overcoming biases, threats.
  •  Phase III (Advancing) Advanced, Competitive Brain Leadership: Leading with a competitive edge by understanding Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset, Locus of Control, Self-Mastery.

NeuroLeadership refers to the application of findings from neuroscience to the field of leadership.

At Sekusile Technical Services we believe that the power to change your future is in your hands and that you can use it. We help you discover your power and then unleash it. People, especially top achievers, in very field both corporate and in sport have been exhaustively studied and one common thing among them is that they have coaches and mentors who challenge them to grow. 

Goal Setting Techniques

goal setting techniquesThe goal-setting technique relies a lot more on cognitive abilities while goal-achieving relies heavily on the subconscious mind. This explains why many people are good at setting goals and yet very poor at achieving them. This is because they operate from two different places. The conscious mind is a clever mind that is good at formulating strategies, imagining, planning and high-level thinking while the subconscious mind is driven by memories of the past, the beliefs and habits. You may have a strong desire to achieve a certain goal, but your subconscious mind may sabotage all that. Training on these two important techniques in unpacked to assist attendees to able to set and achieve goals.