Workplace Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Policy


Sekusile Technical Services is committed to providing a safe and inclusive workplace where all employees are treated with dignity and respect. This policy prohibits bullying and harassment in all forms and outlines the procedures for reporting and addressing such conduct.


  • Bullying: Unwanted aggressive or intimidating behaviour that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Bullying can include verbal abuse, offensive conduct or gestures, threats, humiliation, isolation, and sabotage.
  • Harassment: Unwanted behaviour that is based on a protected characteristic, such as race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation. Harassment can include verbal abuse, offensive conduct or gestures, threats, and unwelcome sexual advances.

Prohibited Conduct

Sekusile Technical Services prohibits all forms of bullying and harassment, including but not limited to:

  • Verbal abuse: Insults, name-calling, put-downs, threats, and other forms of verbal aggression.
  • Offensive conduct or gestures: Unwelcome jokes, slurs, offensive gestures, and other forms of nonverbal communication that are intended to offend or intimidate.
  • Threats: Any statement or action that creates a reasonable fear of physical harm or other harm.
  • Humiliation: Any behaviour that intentionally causes another person to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or belittled.
  • Isolation: Deliberately excluding someone from social activities or work-related interactions.
  • Sabotage: Intentionally interfering with another person’s work or performance.
  • Unwelcome sexual advances: Any form of sexual attention or conduct that is unwanted or unwelcome, including requests for favours, sexual comments, or physical touching.

Reporting Procedures

Employees who experience or witness bullying or harassment are encouraged to report the incident immediately to their supervisor, Human Resources, or another designated representative. All reports will be handled promptly, confidentially, and impartially.

Investigation and Resolution

Sekusile Technical Services will conduct a thorough and prompt investigation of all reported incidents of bullying or harassment. The investigation will involve interviewing the complainant, the alleged perpetrator, and any witnesses. If the investigation finds that bullying or harassment has occurred, the Company will take appropriate disciplinary action against the responsible individual. Disciplinary action may include verbal warnings, written warnings, suspension, or termination of employment.


Sekusile Technical Services prohibits retaliation against any employee who reports bullying or harassment or cooperates in an investigation. Employees who retaliate against others may be subject to disciplinary action.

Training and Prevention

Sekusile Technical Services will provide training to all employees on bullying and harassment prevention. The training will cover the definitions of bullying and harassment, the prohibited conduct, the reporting procedures, and the Company’s commitment to providing a safe and inclusive workplace.

Contact Information

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